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Next Level Service

Getting the right size is crucial for you on this waist training journey, and we want to make it easy as possible. We have available the size chart for each different waist trainer, body shaper and bandage dresses in the store.

It is important to know that size guide is a GUIDE only, and your body shape could alter the size you need despite your waist measurement matching up to a size guide. For example, if you waist measurements tell you that you are a size M on the size guide, but you have a square body shape or excess fat on the love handles you may need a bigger size. However if you have a hourglass figure already and less fat, you could probably go with a size smaller. Each individual is different, and to get the best results you need to get the best suited size for you body.


We can help you to get your right size just send a clear photo of yourself with your torso on show, along with your bust-line, waist and hip-line measurements. The photo should show from your bra line to your hips. All photos are strictly confidential and you should expect to a reply in up 1 or 2 days.


If you do not wish to use this service you can go ahead and make your order. You would need to measure your bust-line, waist at the smallest point of your tummy, above your bellybutton, and your hip-line using a measure tape. Please check the picture How to measure as reference.

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