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Slim & Trim buttlifter shorts

Slim & Trim buttlifter shorts

Introducing our Engaging Shapewear: Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts - Sculpt, Smooth, and Feel Confident!

1. Flatten Your Tummy with Comfort: Experience the ultimate abdomen-flattening effect with our Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts. The elastic waistband provides maximum elasticity and resistance, ensuring a comfortable fit that works wonders on your midsection.

2. Bye-Bye Lumps and Bumps: Say goodbye to insecurities with our leg elastic mesh shaping fabric. It expertly smooths out any lumps and bumps, giving you a flawless appearance that boosts your confidence.

3. Supportive and Anti-Rolling: We've got you covered with four flexible, supportive boning corsets. Not only do they provide the necessary support, but they also prevent any rolling or discomfort, so you can move with ease.

4. Customized Fit Made Easy: Our Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts feature a hook-and-eye closure with a thickened square buckle, making it a breeze to achieve a customized fit and compression level that suits your needs. Convenience and style go hand in hand.

5. Slip-Free Lace Leg Openings: We've added a special touch to our design with non-slip lace leg openings. The drip rubber ensures that your Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts stay securely in place, so you can confidently conquer your day.

6. Embrace Your Curves: Our shirring design is perfect for accommodating a larger butt. Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, knowing that our Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts are designed to enhance your natural curves.

7. Tailored Fit for Your Unique Shape: We understand that everyone is different. That's why our Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts feature a non-compressive butt design, allowing for a customized fit. Embrace your individuality with shapewear that adapts to you.

8. Lift and Shape: Our double-layer design under the buttocks creates an easy fit while giving you a firm and round bubble butt. Get ready to turn heads and feel fabulous from every angle.

Material Matters: Our Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts are made from a high-quality blend of elastic, polyester, and spandex (70% nylon + 30% spandex). Experience the perfect combination of comfort, stretch, and durability.

Say hello to a more confident you with our engaging Slim and Trim Buttlifter Shorts. Embrace your curves, smooth out imperfections, and feel incredible every day.


    Contact us to know the exact preorder deadline date. Making order once at month. Preorder orders are just valid for the country of belize


    Will take 1-3 to your package to be send by post office or bpms service. (applicable just in the country of belize)

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