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Maja waist trainer

Maja waist trainer

Achieve a Flawless Figure with the Maja Waist Trainer!

Step into a world where confidence and comfort converge with the Maja Waist Trainer, exquisitely designed for the discerning individual who values quality and a stunning silhouette. With its high-quality, durable latex and a robust 25 spiral felix boning design, this waist trainer delivers unparalleled support to your sides and back, ensuring abdominal compression and lumbar support that not only protect your spine but also enhance your posture.

The Maja Waist Trainer is engineered to revolutionize the way you shape your body, offering an instant reduction of 3-5 inches off your waist, giving you a sleek, smooth look under any outfit.

Signature Features of the Maja Waist Trainer:

* A trio of hook-and-eye front closures paired with 25 flexible steel bones ensures a snug fit that stays in place, regardless of your movements or sitting posture.

* The unique construction prevents the trainer from rolling up or down, providing consistent and comfortable shaping.

* Composed of a stretchy latex fabric, with a core made of 100% Latex and an inner lining of 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex, it offers a snug yet comfortable fit.

* Delivers strong, supportive compression to sculpt your sides and back, enhancing your natural curves.

* When worn, the Maja Waist Trainer visibly reduces your waist by 3-5 inches, creating a smooth and defined waistline instantly.

* Versatile enough to be worn discreetly under clothing for any occasion, from daily activities to special events like weddings, as well as during workouts, yoga sessions, postpartum recovery, or at the office.

The Maja Waist Trainer isn't just a garment; it's a transformational experience that seamlessly blends into your lifestyle, empowering you to look and feel your best. Whether you're aiming for a day-to-day enhancement or support during life's milestones, the Maja Waist Trainer is your ultimate companion. Shop now and embrace the art of sophisticated shaping!


    Contact us to know the exact preorder deadline date. Making order once at month. Preorder orders are just valid for the country of belize


    Will take 1-3 to your package to be send by post office or bpms service. (applicable just in the country of belize)

BZ$120.00 Precio
BZ$100.00Precio de oferta
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